Webair – New Provider of Dedicated Hosting Services

webair - new dedicated hosting providerWebair – is new dedicated hosting provider that have recently announced about the launch of new dedicated cloud server platform.

The appearance and development of this new web hosting infrastructure represents an effort to improve performance by providing customer with low-cost alternative to expensive dedicated hosting plan. Thus, Webair has great chance to become more competitive as many software companies haven’t yet entered the cloud computing market.

Easy Modification of Accounts

In the press release that was announcing the launch of Webair, the company has declared that the platform would be able to allow customers to easily modify their accounts between physical servers, VPS, shared hosting and computing cloud platform while keeping on maintaining the same software configurations.

Entering the Market Early

webair - new dedicated hosting providerWebair has become very popular as its flexibility and reliability ensures fast grows possibility.

Today this provider offers several cloud hosting plans allowing customers to change servers easily and to upgrade with zero level of downtime, if business needs more resources.

The main target of Webair company is to provide clients with the best service that includes newest cutting-edge technology.

Platform Development

Dedicated cloud server platform implies upgradable CPU, memory and disk space. This completely eliminates typical rigidity of physical servers. The platform is absolutely transparent that’s why those who interact with the equipment commonly can change nothing. Moreover, the owned platforms allow easy modification of accounts.

Integrating Current Technology

Webair’s Current cloud storage network provides hard disk space thanks to the multi-disk RAID configuration. Thus, it eliminated typical hardware failures, RAID and capacity planning issues. The most important is that you can ”pay as you go”.

Basic Features of Each Plan

Each hosting plan will include ecommerce software, control panels, one-click installs, unlimited email accounts, professional customer support and dedicated IP address. All this constituents helped to make a solid reputation for Webair.

Since the most of web hosting providers decided to move in the direction of cloud computing, Webair have great opportunity to become the leader in this business. Undoubtedly, Webair will remain on the top as it has the most progressive technologies and as it is the first who offers them.