Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 InMotion
$199.95 160GB 2.5TB FREE Review Sign Up
2 1and1
$59.99 250GB Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
3 hostgator
$74 250GB 10TB $15 Review Sign Up
$48 100GB Unlimited $9.45 Review Sign Up
$105 250GB 5TB $9.95 Review Sign Up

Dedicated servers can be the best solution for those who want to create and maintain large website that will include thousands of pages, shopping carts, videos as well as plenty of pictures. It is much better not to share server space on a virtual server, but take advantage of dedicated hosting that provides you with an entire server for your exclusive use. To choose a dedicated server hosting plan means that the hosting company ensures the power supervision, security as well as other aspects of maintaining the data center.

Top Dedicated Server Reviews

Thus, web hosting provider you have chosen is responsible for backs up and security. It is quite important to find the most reliable host to avoid some problems in the future. We offer you the list of the most popular dedicated server providers including all the necessary information to consider. The other thing is what things to pay attention to while choosing the web hosting provider for your business.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting allows you to host your website without worrying about bad neighborhood or downtime issues as it can be with shared hosting. You also can manage your website in accordance with your preferences and be sure in your privacy and unlimited options. In other words, dedicated server is the best solution if you are looking for reliable and secure hosting.

There are some of them to consider taking in consideration your finances. In other words, let’s find out what are the things you should pay for. First of all, you should have enough RAM. You need at least 2GB of RAM or even more that is even better for the advanced needs of your site. What is it for? The amount of RAM you have influences greatly the number of concurrent users able to visit your site. When you don’t have enough RAM, your site can crash under a significant load from a lot of simultaneous users who want to access your site.

The next thing to consider while choosing dedicated server hosting is a processor. The most standard in server CPU architecture are Intel Xeons and AMD Opterons. Avoid outdated processors that don’t perform well and may cause a lot of problems.

To choose the necessary disk space is up to your intentions. Choose more carefully if you want to serve data archives or some audio and video content such as mp3 downloads, streaming video, etc. In this case you should choose disk space of 250GB and more. We also offer you to look for various hosting plans that allow you to upgrade your options if you decide to expand in the future.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

If dedicated server hosting seems to be too expensive for you, it is advisable to look for virtual dedicated hosting plans. In this case you may count on the same features for affordable price. This time you will get one of virtual servers provided by the same host. These virtual servers are independent and don’t influence each other in case there are some problems occur with some website.

You also should look for hosting provider that offers you bandwidth not less 1000-2000 GB. Those who are going to have streaming video on their sites or suppose to have a large number of concurrent users should look for data connection speed not less than 1000 Mbps. In other case 100 Mbps may be enough.

Friendly and professional customer support is a must. Just try to contact them even before ordering some package and try to ask some simple questions. Check whether technical support is available 24/7 and you can contact them without problems.

And of course, let’s not forget about uptime guarantee. However, most web hosting providers offer you 99% uptime guarantee that makes all these packages seem to be appropriate for you. However, you also should check whether it is true or not.

Windows Dedicated Server

Operating system is another thing to pay attention to while choosing the best dedicated hosting provider. You should choose between Linux and Windows. The latter is the best choice for those who are going to use ASP.NET or such Windows oriented technologies as Visual Basic .NET, for instance.

This type of dedicated hosting is more expensive but provides you with various options to take advantage of. For example, you can easily integrate the data collected from an Access or even MS SQL database using Windows server. You also can use such popular web design program as Microsoft Front Page to develop nice-looking site easily. Windows hosting plan also includes unlimited email, multiple domains, disc space, Microsoft SQL database, Microsoft excel, free website templates, OS commerce shopping cart and many more other features to take advantage of.

Linux Dedicated Server

You also can choose Linux dedicated hosing that is the best choice if you decide to use PHP creating your website. Linux is freely distributed and can run various hardware. For example, it can run Intel, Silicon Graphics workstation, PowerPCs, Digital Alpha computers or AMD CPUs. In other words, when you choose between Linux and Windows hosting you should decide which programming languages and functions you are going to use for your website.

Choosing Linux dedicated web hosting you can take advantage of various free applications and tools that are created for Linux community. You will find a lot of sample scripts of PERL and PHP as well as various tutorials to make your web development process easier. This type of hosting is affordable and cheaper than Windows hosting if compare.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Your skills and the time available to maintain the website should be considered when you decide whether you need managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting. If you are not a professional web developer or don’t have enough staff as well as enough time to create and maintain the site of your dreams you should choose managed dedicated hosting. Thus, you avoid much responsibility and rely on hosting provider in many cases.

With managed hosting you will rent an entire server shared with no one else and hosting provider manages this server for you. There are different management packages available. You can choose the hosting plan when web host manages everything. However, in this case the pricing is also higher.

Those who need to rely on a host at minimal amount of work such as security applying or daily backups can also find something appropriate just for them. Such packages may vary and the main rule is that the more you order the more you pay. If server monitoring, network monitoring, application performance analysis and review, system utilization monitoring as well as many other things should be performed by hosting provider, you have enough plans to choose from.

What Price Should You Consider?

On average dedicated server hosting will cost you $200 or more. Avoid too cheap offers, because the main thing in maintaining your web site is high quality. You can choose the hosting plans that provide you with all the features included for appropriate price. Unlimited domains within one account, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email, free domain names and many more other features to take advantage of. Choose the things that seem to be the best for you and your business project.

You also should set the limits. Decide how much money you are going to spend on your web hosting solutions and stick to this. Of course, you can change your opinion while searching among a wide range of offers provided by various web hosting companies. Our advice is to find out what things are the necessary for you, which you want to, but can reject and which are just useless for your business project. And of course, don’t forget to find hosting plan with upgrade option if you decide to expand your business.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Anyway, we all are looking for Cheap Dedicated Servers that include all the above mentioned features and provide with decent service to appreciate. Sometimes we offer you special coupon codes to register an account with the best dedicated server provider and get the most attractive web hosting plan to maintain your site with.

Best Dedicated Hosting Server

To choose the best is what we are striving for. However, you should note that the best doesn’t mean the most expensive. You should set your goal and decide how much money you are going to spend on your dedicated server hosting. Try to avoid superfluous options that will cost you a lot but has no importance for your project. We have listed the most basic features to pay attention to.

Other Options

Among the benefits of dedicated server we should mention speed performance that increases because you don’t have to share disk space, processor memory and processor power with other sites. It also can improve your site’s traffic rates. How is it possible? Just count all impatient visitors who leave your site because of slow load times that is impossible with dedicated hosting.

Choosing dedicated hosting you also increase reliability of your site because now you have less risk of crashes or slow-downs. What is more, access to your dedicated server is limited that decreases security risks. You also can upgrade your hosting plan features when you need to add more memory, processors or disk space. There are also such advantageous features as own IP address, custom firewall and custom configuration to note and use.

Cpanel Dedicated Server

The other thing to pay attention to while choosing the best dedicated server is control panel provided. It influences the speed of your work as well as make your working hours spent on maintaining your web site more comfortable. Today web hosting providers offer you to use their own control panels, Plesk or Cpanel. Cpanel is the most popular control panel today. And we also offer you to look for web host that offers you to manage your websites with this control panel.

With this panel you can easily manage your email lists, shopping carts, forums, blogs, domains, FTP and many more other things to consider when maintaining a website or even several of them within one hosting account. This control panel is the best on the market and we offer you to choose web hosting company that offers you to use it.

Email Dedicated Server

Delivery, privacy, performance and customization. These are the basic things email dedicated servers offer for small as well as large volume marketers. Some dedicated server companies use green energy that becomes rather popular these days. Your email servers will be located in special datacenters that guarantee security for your email marketing efforts.

With your dedicated private IP address that is used by you or your company, you will be sure about your IP’s activity. Thus, when your company follow all the email practices and send to an opt-in list, you will have a good sender reputation as well as high delivery rates, because your server delivers only your email communications.

Forum Dedicated Server

To maintain a forum is not a simple task. You need enough disk space, necessary programs as well as easy-to-use control panel. Today most dedicated hosting plans include various content management systems as well as forums and blogs with all the necessary information to create a good website where people will be able to share their opinions, leave feedback as well as to find out more about your company.

Game Dedicated Server

Why do you need game server at all? Such server allows your clients to play multiplayer video games without problems. Most video games you can play over the Internet operate via connection to a game server that can be also known as a host or a shard.

Dedicated game servers as usual offer Web tools to control and configure the game servers; most allow those that rent or lease to modify the games being leased. With dedicated server application you will collect data from players and distribute it to other players. It is more efficient than peer-to-peer arrangement and that’s why you need dedicated server to host your website.

The most important thing to pay attention to while choosing the best game dedicated server is network bandwidth. Sometimes you should ask your customers to download the game and save it on their computers. However, in the era of flash games most players prefer to play directly through the browser. This time you need advanced dedicated hosting package with all the necessary features included to provide fast and high quality video games for your customers.

Hope our reviews help you a lot to choose the best dedicated hosting among such a great diversity of offers. Be attentive and select the things that seem to be really advantageous for you.