Activities That Require Dedicated Server Exploitation

webair - new dedicated hosting providerEarly or late all webmasters hit upon the idea to buy dedicated hosting plan as it represents the bets solution available in the web hosting market today.

But, in spite of the fact that dedicated hosting provides access to the unlimited server resources, webmasters, who aren’t experienced enough, don’t need this extensive server power. But there are certain activities that absolutely require dedicated hosting and we are going to talk about them below.

Professional Search Engine Optimization Automation

As search engine optimization specialists use powerful automated software to build backlinks, to improve website page rank, to distribute promotional content and to improve other search engine attributes, they need powerful resources. So, if you noticed that your search engine optimization business is growing and you have more clients, you should think about switching to the dedicated hosting plan that will allow you to upgrade as you want. While many webmasters prefer to use VPS (Virtual Private Serevr), dedicated server allows you to have private access to the server and ensure redundancy, power and security that will create favourable conditions for your business development and long-term success of your SEO operations.

Software Testing And Development

webair - new dedicated hosting providerDedicated server provides customizable environment, so you can install any software you want, any configurations and applications you need. Dedicated hosting plan implies that webmaster has access to the server root and isn’t limited in using specific operating systems.

Restrictions can represent a problem for those webmasters who are trying to create a product that is compatible with multiple operating systems. Dedicated server not only improves compatibility, but also enhances productivity by expediting simultaneous server requests necessary for software testing and operation. In this case Linux dedicated hosting plan is better for software developers as it represents open-source operating system that can be configured as you need.

Creating Large Netwroks of Sites and Databases

Automated web sites creation is great opportunity for a web master to create and establish dozen and hundreds of sites within just a couple of weeks. But many web developers don’t understand that such extensive plans should imply large and very large server resources. They exceed bandwidth and disk space capabilities very fast by creating automated blogs and large networks. Each new site consumes more bandwidth and disk space as traffic grows. Dedicated server will give you all power needed for managing large networks of websites. Thanks to dedicated server you will be able to expand your networks as fast as possible and to create new content with a multitude of images and video files.