Is Dedicated Hosting a Must for eCommerce Website?

choose ecommerce hosting planStable, secure and trustworthy. These are the main features your website should have if you decide to create an online shop. The quality of goods, promotions and fast delivery are not the only things your potential customers looking for.

People want to be sure that their private data is protected and that the money transactions will be performed quickly. If we are talking about speed and security, dedicated hosting can be the best solution for your eCommerce website.

Tips to Choose the Best Dedicated Hosting for Your Online Shop

There are various eCommerce hosting plans that offers you different features to take advantage of. First of all, you need to define the disk space and RAM necessary for your website. Whether you want to create only online shop or it also includes blog or forum. Do you want to send newsletters to your potential customers or prefer online ads only? Think about such things beforehand and choose the dedicated hosting plan with the opportunity to upgrade.

eCommerce Dedicated Hosting – Pros and Cons

dedicated hosting for your online shopActually, there are no disadvantages of dedicated hosting except its price. In all other ways, it is perfect. Depending on the features provided with the dedicated hosting plan, the prices differ. Your task is to define what things are important and which are useless for you and be just a waste of resources and money.

You definitely should look for SSL certificate as well as dedicated IP address that are available within all dedicated hosting plans. You just need to choose whether you want private SSL certificate or not. This application encrypts the private data transferred between the user and server guaranteeing safe data transaction.

Usually such SSL certificate is bought for the hosting provider. In other words, the name of your host will be displayed on the certificate when your potential customers enter the required section. It may be quite confusing for them especially when we are talking about secure data submitting.

With private SSL certificate your visitors will see your site name displayed when they submit the private data required. It makes your website looks more professional and shows people that you takes your business seriously. Of course, it includes extra cost, but maybe it is really important for you.

Choose the Best Platform for Your eCommerce Site

To manage your website easily is another step to your success. Today you can choose among various open source content management systems that are specially designed for online shops or include all the necessary plugins to maintain eCommerce website easily.

We offer you to compare such popular platforms for eCommerce sites as Magento and WordPress. They both are considered to be the most popular thanks to their simplicity and a wide range of features offered. On the whole, Magento can be called the best choice if you need more advanced features. However, WordPress is cheaper and perfect for beginners who want to create some small project. Let’s look through the details.

Magento Dedicated Hosting

To create an international online shop is a simple task with Magento. This platform allows you to provide your customers with various currencies usage as well as multiple payment options to appreciate. There are also such features as Shipping, Catalog Management, Customer Accounts, Mobile Commerce, Marketing Promotions and Tools, International Support and many more other things that help you to create an efficient website.

To keep track of overall orders, complete orders and returns is easy. Using Magento you will manage, sell and ship with your online shop within several clicks to set all the necessary options. You also can create your own database of clients, send newsletters and create a blog about your products. All these possible thanks to user-friendly Magento features.

WordPress Dedicated Hosting

WordPress provides you with plenty of eCommerce solutions depending on how much money you are going to spend. You can start with the simple plugin to create a local online store. It may have only PayPal payment solution and such basic features as adding products, reviewing your sells and checking the whole statistics. Such WordPress plugins can be open source, in other words, absolutely free.

You also can buy plugins for affordable price. They will include multiple payment methods and plenty of features to take advantage of. With a great WordPress community to manage such online shop will be easy. On the whole, this solution will be perfect for small- or medium-sized projects for affordable cost.