Tips to Get Good and Cheap Hosting

What is Dedicated Server?

Are you lost in different types of web hosting? Well, no wonder – there are thousands of offers, and only a few of them explain the difference. So, there are three key types of hosting packages – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. In this article we’d like to pay more attention to the top-class solution – Dedicated Hosting, which gives you a lot of opportunities for developing a web project.

So, what is Dedicated Hosting? This means you purchase a whole server, and all its resources will be used only for your web projects. This allows you control the flows of users, do some fine server adjustments, and use the enormous disk space the way you like! An average Dedicated Server is quite expensive compared to other packages, but purchasing it is very important for the success of your web project.

Dedicated Hosting Types

Dedicated Hosting Types

There are several criteria used for splitting dedicated hosting servers into different types. First of all, this is the level of control. Dedicated Hosting is the only solution available in the market that allows you to support and administer the server on your own. For this you’ll have to purchase an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. However, if standard solutions are ok for your project, a Managed Dedicated Server will be good as well, though it costs more.

Another important option you will have to choose before purchasing a dedicated server is the operating system. Guess, which are the most common systems you can find in the market? Of course, these are Windows and Linux! Every of these systems has its advantages, but the choice will predetermine the further development of your project, so consult an expert before making the final decision.

Also, if you are planing to purchase a dedicated server, your project is already quite big, and it’s most probable that it deals with databases. Different companies offer your you several types of databases adjusted to the dedicated server you purchase, so this is also a very important option.

The most common Linux and Windows database types are MySQL and MSSQL, respectively. However, you can also look for some other options that will help your project process big amounts of data even better and faster. Normally, if you shift to Dedicated hosting, you already have some databases in your project, so most web masters choose the same format. However, you can change the database type and try to improve your project considering the new possibilities of your Dedicated Server.

Tips to Choose Dedicated Server

When you have chosen the key options for you web site – level of control, operating system and database type – we suggest you to make up a list of web host companies that offer the servers you need. For instance, you can find 30 market offers and sort them by suggested specifications or price – whatever is more important for you.

You think it’s over? Of course, not! After sorting the companies you’ll get a kind of chart. Now you need to check the reliability of the providers in your list. For this go to specialized websites or forums, and find some reviews or comments about different service providers. When you know, which companies are really worth trusting your web project to, you can finally proceed to purchasing.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting – Buy or Not?

Cheap Dedicated Hosting - Buy or Not?

Many offers in the market look really attractive – they have good sets of services at very low prices. Of course, you should be careful with these offers – check the reliability of the company on the web, and only then make your decision. Low price may cover some underwater stones like old machines or bad customers support.

However, you can also find several companies that have recently entered the hosting market, and now fight for their place under the sun. These companies will make really intriguing offers and do their best to serve your hosting very well. So, just browse the web to find some related information about different web host companies to make sure they are a good choice.

There is another option allowing you to save some money while purchasing a Dedicated Server. You can browse the web in search of discount coupons. Many experienced companies spread the rebates on different specialized web sites and forums, so if you manage to find one, you can get services of a top-class company at a very low price! Good luck with your search and may your project be the most successful in the world!