Top 5 Content Management Systems for eCommerce

Are you planning to start an eCommerce project? Well, then you’ll need a decent website with numerous tools. One of the best ways to create this kind of sites is to install a Content Management System, or CMS. It works on your web server, and allows to design a perfectly working website. Any eCommerce CMS provides you with a set of tools you will certainly need at an online shop.

Why Use CMS with E-Commerce Websites?

Today you can find a lot of eCommerce projects running on a CMS. There are many reasons for choosing this path. First, you get a lot of important tools — developed, tested and ready to use. Second, many eCommerce CMSs are free of charge, and that reduces your website creation costs tremendously. Third, with a CMS you can manage your project really easily, as you get a convenient interface and many other useful options.

Features of Content Management Systems for E-Commerce

Features of Content Management Systems for E-CommerceThere are many ways to use an eCommerce website. So, what features will you need, and which of them are available in CMSs for eCommerce projects? One of the most important options you’ll need for an online shop is a shopping cart. Different CMS systems offer you shopping carts with a nice range of useful properties.

Other useful features you’ll get in an eCommerce CMS include many options for receiving payments, subscribing to shop’s news, batch price change, etc. All-in-all, content management systems allow you to setup a website that will work well — shall it be a B2B or a B2P project.

How to Choose Best E-Commerce CMS?

You can find a nice range of CMS for eCommerce on the web. All of them have different features, tool sets and security options. Don’t be afraid when you see all those offers, and don’t know what to choose. We’ve done this job for you. So, here’s our Top-5 chart of eCommerce CMSs:

  1. Magneto. Probably, the most popular eCommerce CMS. How to Choose an E-Commerce  CMS?It is opensource, so you will be happy not only to use lots of available modules, but also create your own ones. It also lets you manage several websites from 1 admin page, use SEO tools, and use over 50 payment options.
  2. Business Catalyst. This CMS created by Adobe will easily manage serious eCommerce websites ranging between small and medium sizes. Great analytics is a nice bonus of Business Catalyst.
  3. PrestaShop. It is not only free, it also provides full control of orders, inventory, shipping and many other important issues. Also, with PrestaShop you can create a nice set of special offers.
  4. OpenCart. This content management system works with PHP and MySQL. It will provide you with all must-have features plus convenient admin area and high flexibility. And all this is available for free!
  5. OXID esales. With this opensource eCommerce CMS you will be always ready to work on B2B and B2P projects, as well as social commerce businesses.