Is Dedicated Server Cost Just

is dedicated server cost just

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive kind of service available today in the web market. Its cost varies form $100 to $500 per month, depending on the size and capabilities of the server.

Dedicated hosting provides great power and unlimited resources that ensures excellent site performance and decreases considerably the risk of downtime.

Dedicated server ensures also that pages load very quickly allowing you to accommodate a multitude of visitors at the same time.

Most of webmasters choose to purchase this powerful machine as in most industries high cost equates to high quality and dedicated server isn’t exception. But not all webmasters need to lease dedicated server as they don’t need a lot of resources. So, let’s consider examples when dedicated server is really must-have.

Hosting Massive Web Site

is dedicated server cost justIf your web site is growing at a steady gait and the current level of traffic can’t be accommodated by your hosting plan, you should consider the upgrading. If you are going to develop your business and you have extensive plans for the future of your site, you definitely should switch to dedicated server. This will give environment for the growth of your site as well as it will provide it with necessary resources – disk space and bandwidth.

Dedicated server is real must-have for sites offering multimedia services as well as for video hosting sites. In their case dedicated server will allow to load thousands of video clips and add new content every day.

Hosting Large Network of Smaller Sites

It should be observed that a lot of people underestimate the needs of a network of small blogs, so they fail to accommodate these needs as the network growths. Usually, novice webmasters choose shared hosting plan, but in few months they understand that it is not sufficient for their sites needs. Unfortunately, many people upgrade several times before they switch to the dedicated hosting plan that can ensure their site effective work.

Using Server Based Software

It you need to operate server-based software that automates search engine optimisation tasks and site administration, dedicated server will be very beneficial. Dedicated hosting will give you access to the server root, so, you will be able to change server configurations and add new applications.

It should be observed that Microsoft-based applications should be used only with Windows Operating system. As dedicated hosting plans have pre-installed Linux operating system, it will be more expensive to change it for Windows.