VPS vs. Dedicated – What is Better?

What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

Today you can find three key types of hosting packages on the web. One of them is VPS hosting. This is supposed to be the golden mean between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers. So, what’s so special about VPS Hosting Packages? The answer is simple — when you purchase VPS, you get hosting with many important properties at an affordable price.

The set of functions you get with VPS hosting is similar to Shared Hosting. You will receive keys to a part of a server with good disk space, bandwidth and other important properties. Basically, VPS Package is an extended version of Shared Hosting. This option is suitable for projects getting what they need from the current Shared Packages, but require more server capacity to process data.

How Dedicated Servers Work?

The most important property of Dedicated Servers is their independence. When you purchase one, you get the whole machine with all its potential. And no unwilled server neighbours will bother you. Also, there’s a bunch of dedicated server hosting types, so you can choose the option that fits your requirements best.

For instance, you can choose a Managed Dedicated Server Pack to relax and forget about the server support. Or, on the contrary, you can purchase Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting for your web masters to make fine adjustments and make your site run at the maximal possible speed. Along with important functions, you get special treatment at Customers Support. This will help you resolve any possible problems fast.

VPS or Dedicated Servers — Pros and Cons

VPS or Dedicated Servers — Pros and Cons

In fact, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Packages have many similar functions. Of course, Dedicated Server gives you more freedom to improve the server. However, you have to pay for this more. Also, there is a (rather small) chance that your VPS hosting will be influenced by bad neighbourhood. However, these problems can be easily resolved.

To make out a clear picture for you, we can provide a couple of examples. If your site currently works with Shared Hosting, and the resources of this package are not enough, you can choose VPS Hosting. If you see that the project has started to grow very fast, it is better to purchase a Dedicated Server and sleep well. Also, note that the prices vary a lot, and a cheap dedicated offers may cost like an expensive VPS package.

How to Choose Good Hosting?

We also want you to know some important information about choosing good hosting. Basically, there are three key points for this. These are Properties, Price and Feedback. We advise you to find a set of companies that offer a package with functions you need. Why? The answer is obvious — you can compare prices, and make a chart of suitable offers.

With the chart in your hands, it is important to check the feedback about the preferred companies. For this, browse the web and read some relevant articles at specialized blogs or forums. This will help you get a picture of how the servers of a certain company work, or how friendly and helpful the Customers Support is. This important information will let you make the best choice.