Best Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

When you decide to start a web project, you must think about purchasing web hosting. Hosting is a package of services that allows you to locate, manage and support a web site. Usually, hosting packages include disk space, bandwidth, sub-domains, email boxes and many other additional options. This all helps you manage a web page and its content.

There are two most common types of hosting. These are Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. These two different platforms that have many special features. Both of them have many advantages, but in our review we want to concentrate on Linux hosting, as it tends to be more popular among web developers and web masters.

There exist several hosting plans that offer you different options and conditions. The most common types of Linux Server Hosting are Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting. These options give you different functions, different services and different prices, of course. Linux dedicated hosting is a top-rank solution that gives you a lot of fantastic options and services to manage a really big project.

To choose the best Linux dedicated hosting solution you need to follow a bunch of important tips. First of all, you have to define the country, where your dedicated server will be located. In most cases your own country or a neighbouring one are the best options. Then you can check the services provided by different web host companies. Usually they suggest different bandwidth, disk space, etc.

We also advise you to compare the prices of different packages presented by hosting providers. As a result, you can even make a chart list of best companies. With that chart list in your hands, you can browse some specialized sites and forums to find information and reviews about the hosting providers from your list. Then you can make a decision based on the information you have.

Top Linux Dedicated Server Reviews

Web hosting market is growing today with really enormous speed. You can find hundreds of companies offering a dedicated server with really good features. And this causes problems with making the best choice. You can find a great deal of help in different reviews of web host companies. Many sites on the web offer you reviews of different hosting providers.

The reviews usually contain important information about the features of provided dedicated servers. In most cases, you can find information about the most important specifications like disk space, bandwidth, domains, sub-domains and emails. Also, you will get information about the reliability of a certain provider, which is also very important for keeping your future project up and running all the time.

If you decided to order a managed hosting plan, you have to look for reviews containing information about the customers support service of different companies. It is very important that customers support is friendly and reacts fast in case your server is down. Many reviews draw your special attention to this, so you won’t have any problems with finding the necessary information.

Affordable Linux Server Hosting

There are many companies providing you Linux servers. The range of prices they offer is really big. The price of Linux servers depends on many important factors like service package, quality of services, server location and some other points. When you choose a Linux hosting package you have to consider all of them.

In many cases, to find out the detailed information you will have to browse not only the description of services at a certain web host company, but also some reviews that can tell you more detailed information. All this will help you to choose affordable hosting with best conditions. Choosing good hosting secures good development for your project.

If you want to choose affordable shared Linux hosting, this will cause no trouble. There are many companies that suggest you prices starting from several dollars per month. Anyway, affordable prices not always mean decent quality. Before purchasing shared hosting from a certain company, check all details of the agreement like bandwidth limit and allowed traffic volume.

If your project is pretty big, and you want to purchase a shared VPS hosting, you will also find many interesting options. Here we advise you to look for some methods of checking bad neighbourhood. If a company offers you nice price, range of services and good neighbourhood, this is the option that you need, no doubt.

You can even find some affordable Dedicated Linux Servers. When you see low prices for Linux servers, don’t get too suspicious. Remember that Linux demands no license fee, so Linux servers are always cheaper. Choosing affordable Linux hosting is good if your project is big, but you want to invest the biggest possible amount of money into its further growth instead of hosting.

You can also purchase an unmanaged dedicated server. They always cost less, as no service and updating fees are included. Unmanaged hosting requires more attention to server management, but allows you to get a cheaper dedicated hosting package if your project is already too big for shared and even VPS solutions.

Dedicated PHP Hosting Plans

PHP is one of the most popular technologies used for web development. PHP code is used for creating and improving web pages of your project. This scripting language is performed on server, so choosing hosting is very important if you want to use PHP while creating your project.

You can use PHP both with Windows and Linux servers. Anyway, most experts say that Linux is a better choice for a PHP-based web project. The combination of PHP and Linux is also good for big and fast-growing dynamic sites.

PHP is a scripting language used for dynamic web pages, so if you plan to create a web project with one or several databases, it will be a good option for you. If a web page is created using PHP, you will need a server that processes this script. For this you have to find servers with a PHP processor module. Most Linux servers are a good option in this case, as they are specialized on PHP scripts.

If you plan to create a really big project with dynamic structure, and use PHP in it, we advise you to choose a Dedicated server working with Linux. This combination of reliable server platform, best hosting solution and popular scripts will turn your web site into a fast-growing machine that will rush fast and furious on the highways of web.

cPanel Hosting

When you purchase hosting, most providers will include a certain control panel into your service package. Cpanel is one of the most popular control panels that allows you to create a web page from nothing. It contains many ready solutions: free galleries, blogs and even e-commerce tools. With this tool set you can put several modules together and get a web page with basic instruments in a few moments.

It is also important that cPanel includes Fantastico scripts that help you add an application or some other modules to your web page. If you purchase cPanel hosting, Fantastico will help you install software, make new tables in databases and adjust different permissions in only one click.

Cpanel hosting is the best choice if you are not very experienced in web development. It gives you everything to create a site from a scratch. This amazing control panel offers you a lot of popular and useful applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. With it you can even create online shops, photo sharing sites and Wikies.

Linux Dedicated IP Hosting

When you purchase Linux dedicated hosting, you get a personal IP address that will not be shared with any other company. IP address is a special combination of numbers that indicates a certain device in the global network. In case of hosting, IP address is used to differ servers, so every server has its personal IP address.

If you purchase Shared or VPS hosting, other parts of your server are used by other web projects. If those projects spam people or have bad reputation, the whole server may be blocked, which means your project won’t work, too. The best way to omit these situations is to purchase Dedicated Linux Hosting. This solution will give you a whole big server, so only you will control its content.

MySQL Dedicated Hosting

MySQL is one of the most popular types of databases. It is used to process big amounts of information located on your web page. MySQL databases can be used for saving login information of your clients, prices for goods, or other important data. MySQL comes in most cases with PHP-based hosting plans. This combination allows you to develop an advanced and complex web site.

There are many advantages of MySQL databases. First of all, this format is very flexible, stable and fast. It is also very easy to use MySQL databases, which is important if you want to save your time. Security is another strong point of these databases, so you won’t have to think about viruses and system failures all the time. To sum it all up, MySQL is a great solution for almost any kind of web projects.

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