Choosing Features of Dedicated Hosting Plan

features of dedicated hosting plan

Dedicated server is considered to be the most robust and comprehensive hosting plan offered today in the web industry. There is no other powerful server that can offer such amount of resources for the large websites.

Most people don’t distinguish one type of dedicated hosting from another and don’t understand how many options are available when choosing a dedicated hosting plan. There are several types of dedicated hosting servers including a wide range of different attributes each. Below you will find the information that will help you to choose the right dedicated hosting plan.

Unmanaged, Partially Managed and Completely Managed

As you have the entire server at your disposal, you have additional responsibility for server administration and maintenance. Managed hosting plan implies that you alone will perform all tasks related with the server administration. Managed hosting plan is the cheapest, but to choose it you should be real professional knowledgeable in server work.

But a lot of webmasters aren’t experienced enough in server administration. They aren’t knowledgeable enough to handle all tasks associated with optimizing server performance and preventing downtime. This category of webmasters should choose managed hosting plan and server operation will be entrusted to the team of professionals.

Partially managed hosting offer technical assistance but don’t implies server administration like fully managed hosting plan.

Choosing Operating System

features of dedicated hosting planThere are two main operating systems used with dedicated hosting – Windows and Linux. As Linux operating system is pre-insalled almost in all dedicated hosting plans, its price is already included in the cost of this plan. If you want to install Windows in spite of Linux, you will need to pay more, this can cost about $500. This price is just as Windows has more comfortable control panel.

But Linux system has proven its stability and reliability as it exists in the industry for a long period of time. So, the main reason why webmasters choose Windows is need in Microsoft-based applications like Microsoft Server or Microsoft SharePoint.

Choosing Specific Server

The cost of dedicated hosting plan directly depends on the server power and capabilities. So, webmasters should choose a hosting plan according to their site needs and the size of their network. Some online business owners think that 4-5 GB of random access memory is enough, some want o have at least 8GB of this resource. So, calculate in advance how much disk space and bandwidth you need in order not to buy excessive resources and not to overpay as it is better to pay as you upgrade.

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